Sustainable showering
made simple

Our shower is circular. We simply filter and purify the water before looping it back to you. This is what we call sustainable showering, made simple.

UV Purifier
Suction Inlet

Step by step purification


 Our shower is intelligent. We register when you recirculate the water to let you keep track of your savings.

UV Purifier

UV light ensures high water quality by removing 99,9% of pathogen vira and bacteria.


The microfilter captures possible particles in the water to ensure that you always shower in clean water.


The prefilter captures larger particles before water enters the system for recirculation.

Suction Inlet

Placed just above the shower floor, the suction inlet contains a sensor. Once sufficient water has aggregated on the floor (around 6mm), the suction inlet triggers the pumps and recirculation begins.

Excellent bathing water quality

Our purification system has been tested under extreme circumstances and has been documented by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Eurofins to be the very best category of bathing water.


UV light eliminates 99,999% of bacteria, vira and micro-organisms. The result is crystal clear water – ready for your shower.

Maintenance and cleaning

Showering sustainably, in clean water, requires a bit of maintenance.

Filter Change

To ensure clean  bathing water, we filter the water. This ensures that even micro  particles are captured  before we re-circulate  water.
The micro  filter must be changed once pr. month or at a minimum after 200 showers. 

Changing the filter is  easy. It  takes  1-2 minutes.

System Rinse Process

We recommend to run a system cleaning process every 2. week, or minimum after 100 showers. This is done by inserting a cleaning tablet into the system, and letting the shower perform a rinsing process. 

Time required: 5 min.

Maintenance Package.

Flow Loop filters  and  cleaning  tabs are  required  for maintenance of the system. We recommend  that you subscribe to our maintenance package. This way, we make sure to send you filters and tabs, and we  remind you when it is time to perform maintenance. A subscription costs Dkk 1.125 pr. year and includes 12 filters and 24 cleaning tabs.

Designed to compliment any bathroom.

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To recirculate or not

We believe in giving people the freedom of choice. You choose when you circulate water, and when you don’t. At any time during your shower. If you want to learn more, please get in touch.